Making a Summer Music Plan

IMG_0746The weather is warm and sweet music can be heard across the land. Every weekend and many week nights, there’s music to be heard and dancing too so get out enjoy some live music. Not everyone are fanatics so here’s a few tips to help make a fun plan for summer.

Get your calendar out, buy some tickets and get ready to enjoy a night of sweet summer music.Start by checking out your local music scene or venture off to a nearby city. Take a few days off and hit a show and do some sightseeing or visit family and friends. If you have a favorite artist or a bucket list act, check out their schedules first. Then lock in if you see something that fits your schedule and list of cities. When I hear notices of shows, I put them on a calendar so I know what’s coming up, in case I can coordinate something else around a particular show. There are lots of resources for shows. Check your local newspaper. Most have an events calendar and probably do stories about upcoming shows. Most every band and every venue has a Facebook page so “like” them on FB or follow them on twitter to keep up with their announcements.

Your fave bands websites are great too and many times you can buy tickets right from the site. I somehow bought Paul McCartney tickets the day before they went on sale officially. My seats weren’t that great but I was afraid it would sell out so I thrilled to be in the door. And it was an awesome show. He’s performing this summer – even at Bonnaroo this weekend – so check him out. He’s a Beatle, for heaven’s sake!

And that brings us to festivals. Some are big, some are small and some are just right. We usually go because we are familiar with some of the bands but you almost always hear someone you didn’t know, but you love their sound. And before you know it, some of those bands are on your list and you’re going to a festival because they are there.

So here are a few great festivals you should check out. Some are soon, some later in the year and there’s tons more so if you don’t see something you like, look around and you’ll find something.

Also, check some of the great venues around:

I can’t recall all the names but almost every big city has an amphitheater with shows booked through the summer and fall. If you aren’t up for a trip out of town or a festival, most towns have a Friday night music event downtown or something on the weekends. I’ll try to post more specifics about these upcoming festivals but if you think you are interested, get your tickets now. Some of them sell out so don’t delay. Have a great time!


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