About North Mountain Music

North Mountain Music is written by Teresa and Greg. We love music and it should be heard live. We go to a lot of shows. We know about even more great shows so why not share the love?

Our taste in music is varied. Favorite genres include bluegrass, Americana, jam bands (both string bands and rock bands), rock, classic country, jazz, chamber music and the occasional symphony. Neither of us play but hope to learn sometime soon.

Teresa was raised in SW Va. on country and bluegrass music and now is a PR professional who enjoys writing, photography and going to live music shows. Greg grew up on big band in St. Louis but soon became a 70s rock fan. Rock turned to Dead, which introduced him to Jerry Garcia bluegrass. That’s how the rock and bluegrass worlds meld together.

A couple of years ago, to pass the time riding home from a show, we started a list of everyone we’d seen that year. That led to a list of everyone we’d seen ever, although I’m sure we’ve forgotten some. And then we created  a bucket list of musicians and bands we’d like to see. We’ve checked a few off the list since we created it. Some bands we see over and over again. Those are the best!

Concerts, festivals, indoor shows, look around and you may just see us in the audience — usually near the sound board. Have a great show!


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