Sarah Siskind and Mike and Ruthy: family night at Kirk Ave.

IMG_5716Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Sarah Siskind returned to Kirk Ave Music Hall along with folk duo Mike and Ruthy (Ruth Ungar & Mike Merenda.). Siskind was accompanied by her husband, bassist Travis Book, who plays with the Infamous Stringdusters. The two couples took the stage together and opened with a lovely Siskind song Falling Star. They alternated between Mike and Ruthy songs and Siskind songs with plenty of stories in between.

From the Siskind songbook, we heard the soulful One Day at a Time, In the Mountains and the title of her album, Novel.

Mike and Ruthy played originals like On My Way Home. Between song banter was a combo of songwriter workshop and family stories. Ruthy told how the latter came about as her young son was fighting a nap, she tried everything to soothe him. Finally, she started singing his words back to him adding lyrics describing his twisting body language. The result was Oh Mama, a parenthood blues anthem. My favorite was their version of Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry. Here’s a video (not mine) of this song. Their new album is the NYC EP. Check them out.

(apologies for not having more pictures — dark lighting was challenging.)


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